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The Sanctuary of the Treasure Coast is a 501(c)(3) community center formed in April of 2021 to serve the LGBTQ+ population in the Treasure Coast area.  Our Mission is to provide a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment to inspire LGBTQ+ individuals and their allies to be themselves, to share with new friends, and to engage in activities which promote and unite our community.



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"All of us who are openly gay are living and writing the history of our movement. We are no more - and no less - heroic than the suffragists and abolitionists of the 19th century; and the labor organizers, Freedom Riders, Stonewall demonstrators, and environmentalists of the 20th century. We are ordinary people, living our lives, and trying as civil-rights activist Dorothy Cotton said, to 'fix what ain't right' in our society."

Senator Tammy Baldwin

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Jonathan Rix


Jonathan is the founder of The Sanctuary of the Treasure Coast and brings a wide and varied set of experiences to his post as Acting President.  From teaching students at the elementary school level and creating youth programs to teaching dance to adults and helping them navigate the Medicare and Medicaid systems and improve their lives in general, Jonathan has gleaned much from these interactions and other life experiences and he employs this wealth of knowledge in his work with his constituents.  His most formidable tool?  His passion and drive for helping those in the LGBTQ+ community improve their lives on the Treasure Coast.


Gary Little

Vice President

A Florida Native, Gary came to the Treasure Coast part of Florida in 2018. Gary has a history of volunteering for Non-Profit Organizations through out the years. He has an extensive knowledge of administrative contracting, allowing him to process, submit and obtain the 501(c)3 Non-Profit status along with the Articles of Incorporation for the Sanctuary.

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Ron Sebben


Ron came to the Treasure Coast in 2020 with 25 years of experience working with non-profit organizations from band booster groups to community vocal and instrumental performance ensembles.  He has served as president and development director in the past but always keeps cash in descending order with corners uncurled in his wallet.  His experiences have helped him realize the great need for support and community in the LGBTQ+ world and that need is what inspires him to take part in the mission of The Sanctuary.


Samuel Vinci


Samuel is a dual-enrolled senior in high school. Ever since coming out not too long ago, Samuel has been very passionate about advocating for the LGBTQ+ community, particularly it’s youth. Through the Sanctuary, they've been achieving that in ways that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. They are so grateful to be apart of such an amazing organization!


Donna Pixley

LGBTQ+ Director of Affairs

Donna currently works at the WPB VA Medical Center and has been there over 18yrs. She is also the executive VP of her local union. Donna is an activist and champion for Human Rights. She is a Florida native and came to Port St Lucie in 2015.


Peggy J Ashley

Member Liaison

Peggy has lived in Florida since age 5, grew up in Miami (GO DOLPHINS) and moved to the Treasure Coast 25 years ago. They came out 30 years ago and was disowned by their family; because of that, today they have the passion for supporting and being there for anyone who has experienced the same path. In Peggy’s offtime, they can be found down by the water fishing. 

Peggy has a degree in Music Education and loves teaching & training music. They also have 14 years of Store Management.

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