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Help Us Grow

Support the Sanctuary and our mission on the Treasure Coast through volunteer support, promotion, or financial donations. Your time and dollars directly impact the lives of many LGBTQ+ individuals in our community.

4 Ways To Support

Get Involved However You Like

No Donations Required

The Sanctuary currently operates solely through voluntary support. From board members to event supportive staff, we all volunteer our time and skills to make the community a better place. If you would like to volunteer for the Sanctuary, contact us and tell us more about what kind of volunteer opportunity you are seeking.


You Can Make an Impact

The Sanctuary is completely free to join, although, we will be introducing membership tiers soon. We're excited for this next step in our growth as it will allow us to scale experiences, increase access and awareness of resources, and progressively raise funds towards our ultimate goal of an LGBTQ+ community center.

Until then, we humbly accept one-time donations for our ongoing activities.


We Can Help Each Other

Partnering with the Sanctuary is a great opportunity for your business and our membership. Through promotion to our members, you gain access to 1,000 or more potential customers while also supporting an underserved population in the United States, especially here in Florida. Together we can make amazing things happen, so don't wait; become a partner today!


Support The Mission

Sponsorships help to fund larger initiatives such as community celebration, education, or entertainment events, as well as pushing us closer to our greatest goal, an LGBTQ+ community center. Your donations accelerate our organization towards the future where we see a space that hosts all kinds of LGBTQ+ focused events, experiences, and seminars. Our community, small and large, needs the support that you provide to make it happen.

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